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You have the opportunity to help more than 2,000 of our Hampton Roads neighbors

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Thank you for helping... meet Shakita

You know how awful it is to be sick or in need of medication. But most likely, you and I can call our primary care physician or walk into an urgent care clinic and you can pay your co-pay and continue on about your day. Pick up your medication at the pharmacy and order a cup of Starbucks while you wait...

For the 2,000+ patients at Chesapeake Care Clinic it isn't that easy. They are your working, low-income neighbors that need your help. They are uninsured or underinsured. They don't have access to health care and can't afford a trip to the ER or urgent care.

Meet Shakita.

She was having a terrible tooth ache, it turned out to be an infected wisdom tooth. The toothache was causing migraines and making her miserable in general.

Shakita lost her previous dental insurance so taking care of this would be a cost she could not afford. That was when she heard about the dental clinic at Chesapeake Care. She was not sure what to expect but was willing to do just about anything at this point to put an end to her suffering.

Our volunteer dental team saw Shakita right away and pulled her tooth. Shakita is now pain-free and a lot less stressed.

“This clinic helped not only myself, but my spouse as well,” Shakita explained. “Getting this awesome service helped me so much and actually changed my life. I would definitely refer friends and family to the Chesapeake Care Clinic. The staff was very kind and professional. And they keep you calm and stress free during the whole procedure. The clinic was very modern and clean.”

Shakita is just one of the many examples of the necessity of our services. Without generous donations from people in our community like you over the last 25 years, we would not be able to continue helping others like Shakita.

Think about what you spend $10 on in a day. Or $30 in a month - that's just $1 a day... do you have anything lasting from that? This year Chesapeake Care Clinic invites you to give thanks for all you have. Give the gift of health to those who are in need throughout Hampton Roads.

Every $1 donated by you provides $8.61 worth of medical and dental services to those in need throughout Hampton Roads. 97% of funds raised go directly to program services.